You Can Now Buy a Toaster That Makes Mini Donuts Instead of Toast

Your sweet tooth will thank you.

the donut toaster mini donut maker urban outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Attention, all you sweet-toothed folks out there: You need this toaster. And by toaster, I mean mini donut maker designed to look like a small retro toaster. No, it won't pop out warm, crispy bread to go with your morning omelette, but it can cook up to eight mini donuts at a time, and you have to admit that's way more fun than a slice of toast.

Mini Donut Toaster

This adorable pastel yellow donut maker—dubbed The Donut Toaster—comes with two silicone donut trays, each with molds for four donuts, that slide easily into the two toasting compartments, much like a piece of bread would. Just use your favorite donut recipes (or even your favorite cake mixes), toast away, and top with whatever frostings, glazes, and sprinkles you'd like. The best part? It only takes up to three minutes to cook your donuts to perfection. And don't worry if you're working with a tiny kitchen and don't have much counter space to spare—this little toaster is compact at just 11.6 inches long, 9.5 inches high, and 5 inches wide, so you can easily keep it out on display or stow it away in a cabinet.

The Donut Toaster is available at Urban Outfitters for $40. But when you consider the fact that you'll never have to leave the house for fresh donuts again? Now, that's priceless.

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