Golden Girls Fans, You Need to Play This Funkoverse Board Game

Pre-order it before its official release on October 6!

"The Golden Girls" Funko Pop Funkoverse Strategy Game Target

Golden Girls Day may have come and gone, but loyal fans of the iconic ‘80s sitcom can celebrate year-round with Golden Girls trivia and even booking Rue McClanahan’s guesthouse on Airbnb. But if you’re looking for something even more immersive, it's time to step up your game with the Funkoverse board game: Golden Girls edition.

The game lets you channel your inner Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, or Sophia, and compete head-to-head in one of four different scenarios. Each scenario has its own objective for winning, and your abilities differ, depending on which character you choose. (The game comes with two exclusive Funko Pop figures: Blanche and Rose, and yes, Rose comes wielding a cheesecake.) If you're playing with more than two people, you'll need to buy the other characters—or spring for the complete collector’s edition of The Golden Girls Funko Pop figures.


There are also two different settings that serve as the map or backdrop for the game—The Golden Girls’ house and the Florida boardwalk—and if you get really into the game, you can play these characters with other Funkoverse games, like Harry Potter and Rick & Morty.

The pop culture collectibles company gave fans a preview of their new strategy game featuring The Golden Girls at Gen Con on August 2. But if you missed the tabletop gaming convention, you can still get your hands. You can even pre-order it on Target for $24.99, before it officially hits stores on Sunday, October 6.

Now, all you need is a cheesecake and your favorite episodes to watch on loop as you play.

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