13 Game Room Ideas For an Epic Entertaining Space

Child-like glee on tap.

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There's a reason why arcade games and pool tables are popular in bars and why playpens and parks are a thing: No matter our age, we just want to have fun at the end of the day. And if space allows, having your very own game room is, well, a game-changer. To get some game room ideas for kids and adults alike, check out these examples and take note, so you can make yours the very best entertainment space in the neighborhood.

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Build an Indoor Slide

There's cool playrooms and then there's this playroom. What could be a better game room addition than a twisty slide? When it's too cold to go to the park during the winter, your kids will still be able to slide all day long. Plus, it's visually unexpected, which gives the room an edge. See you later, Six Flags.

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Invest In a Pool Table

Pricy, sure, but pool tables can instantly elevate a room. Even if you just put in somewhere like a basement, the entire space will upgraded. Oh, this old basement? I think you mean my billiard room. It even sounds swanky.

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Install An Indoor Swing

If you don't have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. It'll make the playroom feel more personalized and unique. Plus, the swing set is always our first stop at the park anyway. And if your kids have a swing to practice pumping their legs on, you can sit back and relax at the playground instead of pushing them.

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Katherine Carter
Get A Pinball Machine

We love how this console table is decked out in old-school arcade games instead of traditional décor. Bring it to the next level with a pinball machine in your game room. Make it a coin-operated one if your neighbors start coming over to play too often.

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Make It a Basketball Court

Move over, Barclays Center. If you and/or your kids love shooting hoops, build a half court at home. You could also get a kid-sized, arcade-style basketball hoop if space is an issue. We'll be in that little seating area in the back, if you need us.

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Victoria Pearson
Opt For a Ping Pong Table

Table tennis has a similar visual appeal as a pool table, but it's way, way easier to maintain and move around. Not to mention, it's a lot more affordable and will come in handy during beer pong tournaments.

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Use Your Vertical Space

If the playroom in your home is also a space to hunker down and do homework, or even just if it's small but you still want to go above and beyond, use your vertical space. A ceiling-high playpen will feel like a fort in the sky. Just as chicken nuggets and it's like the McDonald's playland of your childhood dreams.

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Set Up a Card Corner

If you host your friends for poker night, set up a little salon station so you don't have to huddle around the coffee table or dining room table. When you're not using this grown-up game room nook, spruce it up with a beautiful chessboard for on-theme décor.

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Amber Interiors
Bring In a Foosball Table

A foosball table is a lot easier to maintain than a pool table and the quick pace is arguably even more fun. If you don't have enough space for a real one, a mini version is a great alternative.

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Leanne Ford Interiors
Blast Some Tunes

Put a jukebox in the game room for some retro flair. It's aesthetically pleasing and you'll also be able to listen to fun throwbacks while you play games and hang out in there. Buddy Holly on a loop, please.

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Katie Hodges
Make It Craft-Friendly

Chalkboards, pin boards, and magnets, oh my. Set up a fun area on the wall for arts and crafts so that the kids who don't want to play pinball, ping pong, or basketball can also have fun.

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Nicole Franzen
Make It Comfortable

If your game room doubles as your media room or family room, make sure there's an area devoted to hanging out. Since this space is all about fun, consider elevating your seating game with hanging chairs clustered in a circle for easy conversation.

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Amber Interiors
Put a Bar In Back

Make it adult-friendly and party-proof by putting a bar in back. To give it a more formal, finished feel, hang stylish pendant lights an put your foosball table, ping pong table, pinball machine, pool table, or whatever your game of choice is over a colorful area rug.

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