Hidden Potential Host Jasmine Roth Crafts a Coffee-Lover’s Dream with This Custom Bar

There's no more running to the trash for old coffee grinds thanks to a special feature.

HGTV "Hidden Potential" Jasmine Roth Custom Coffee Bar
  • Hidden Potential star Jasmine Roth transformed the home Scott and Lauren had lived in for 10 years in the latest episode.
  • Both homeowners are proud coffee lovers and Jasmine made sure to incorporate a custom coffee bar in their newly designed kitchen.
  • The custom coffee bar is made of walnut and has a coffee knock box.

    In the latest episode of Hidden Potential, Jasmine Roth took another home from cookie cutter to custom made, and this time, she incorporated an energizing detail. To start off on the right foot, the designer stopped by a local coffee shop before meeting homeowners Scott and Lauren, self-proclaimed coffee lovers.

    Ten years and three kids after purchasing their home, the couple was ready to renovate and were excited to hear that Jasmine would focus on updating the “outdated” home to be coastal and beachy, but still maintain a traditional style. The exterior of the house received a lift thanks to landscaping and a unique bench. The interior also got its share of cool features, including a custom coffee bar.

    “Scott and Lauren love coffee, so this can’t just be any coffee bar—it’s got to be the prettiest coffee bar,” Jasmine said. The coffee bar was made of a walnut wood cabinet put up against a dotted wallpaper, acting as a backdrop, and a drawer.

    “Up here, we’re going to have all the storage,” she said pointing to the shelves. “We’re going to have a coffee machine…and we’ve got a knock box, so then this drawer will have the thing to catch all the grinds.”

    When the self-taught reno expert revealed the custom coffee bar to Scott and Lauren, they were blown away. “When you’re ready to make some coffee, you don’t want to walk all the way to the trash can, it’s right here, just knock," Jasmine explained.

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