24 Crazy Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

More room to buy more things!

Courtesy of Kohler

If you're lacking on kitchen storage space but aren't feeling a huge reno, it's time to trick out the cabinets, drawers, and island with a few space-saving ideas. Rethink the little nooks and niches and you'll have counter space for days. No demo day required!

Stephen Kent Johnson
Store Above Your Window

No matter the size of your kitchen, every little inch matters when it comes to storage. A simple shelf above a window increases display space for plates, bowls, and art.

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barbara westbrook wet bar
Pieter Estersohn
Add Shelves To Your Backsplash

An awkward corner can be maximized by adding in easy storage. Glass shelving, tucked underneath cabinets, gives you a space to stow glassware — and since the glasses match the shelf, the effect is nearly invisible.

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Kitchen Storage Plate Rack
Francesco Lagnese
Hang A Plate Rack

A plate rack and pot racks show off your collections while also keeping these items out of the way. Bonus: They're easily accessible when you need to grab them.

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Kitchen Storage Shelving
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Try Floating Shelves

Floating shelves on either side of a window offer space for dishes and glassware. Don't worry if you only have a small amount of wall space to work with: petite shelves can still get the job done.

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Go Vertical

Don't limit storage to areas within arms' reach. A sliding ladder helps you reach ceiling-height cabinets, which are perfect for that breadmaker you never use.

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woven baskets
Victoria Pearson
Fill Up Bins

Declutter an open-shelving mess with a grid of woven boxes. In this Los Angeles kitchen, paper tags keep each baskets' contents organized.

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Tara Donne
Store Strategically

Store lesser-used gadgets in higher cabinets. If you don't already have some, add them in above your hood and windows.

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rose gold décor ideas
Courtesy of Kohler
Hang Mugs

This copper-pipe shelving holds hooks for coffee cups and cookware, keeping the countertop free for actual cooking. Plus, it looks seriously chic.

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kitchen door
Trevor Tondro
Try An Etagère

An open shelving unit adds more storage, but doesn't take up too much floor — or visual — space. An antique étagère placed on the counter of this kitchen holds books and bowls.

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basket with cutting boards
Julian Wass
Store Cutting Boards

This ingenious tip comes from the one and only Ina Garten. When she updated her East Hampton country kitchen, she used a wicker basket to corral all of her cutting boards.

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pull-out pantry
Eric Piasecki
Try A Pull-Out Pantry

In this 48-square-foot New York City kitchen, the "pantry" for dry goods consists of two cabinets that slide out over the countertop so that everything is easy to find.

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Lisa Romerein
Add An Antique

Antique cabinets aren't limited to dining rooms. Add one into your kitchen for a vintage feel that's totally functional.

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hidden pantry
Ellen McDermott
Hide Clutter

In this kitchen, all the chaos is hidden behind closed doors, which open to reveal an expansive pantry. Pull-out willow baskets hold fruit and vegetables.

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crockery drawer
Annie Schlechter
Add A Crockery Drawer

These drawers are outfitted with movable pegs, so they can accommodate various sized dishes.

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vintage swivel stools
James Baigrie
Save Space with Swing Stools

Vintage swivel stools are playful, but, most importantly, practical, since they almost disappear when not in use.

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white open shelves
Victoria Pearson
Get Creative with Cabinets

Inspired by a vintage printer's desk, the cabinets in this California kitchen were made to look like drawers. Minds = blown.

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pull out cutting board
Nathan Schroder
Install A Pull-Out Cutting Board

This pull-out cutting board has a hole, which makes it easy to brush the scraps straight into the trash bin just below. It's a total veggie-chopping gamechanger.

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hidden kitchen
Simon Watson
Zone Off A Small Space

This tiny apartment's kitchen is camouflaged from the living area with folding doors. It can be opened up for cooking, then closed off when guests arrive.

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Look What I Made
Upcycle Boxes

Old wooden Champagne cases are the ideal size for storing small kitchen accessories like tea. Add a colorful wallpaper or gift wrap to the back for an easy pop of cheer.

See more at Look What I Made.

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Creating Really Awesome Free Things
Get An Old Door

You don't need the stress of installing a pegboard to have a place to hang your favorite kitchen supplies: A slatted wooden door is the perfect spot.

See more at C.R.A.F.T.

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Homemade Ginger
Repurpose Office Supplies

Surplus office organizers are perfect for storing cleaning supplies and small plants, especially next to the sink.

See more at Homemade Ginger.

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A Prudent Life
Contain Everything

Don't ignore the power of a good container system. This blogger stores everything in the appropriate container — from clear plastic for her flours and pastas, to metal tins for supplies.

See more at Polished Habitat.

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Nellie Bellie
Create A Cleaning Corner

Keeping your kitchen clean is simpler if your favorite sprays and supplies are always on-hand, like in this DIY pipe solution.

See more at Nellie Bellie.

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countertop bowl
Francesco Lagnese
Make Your Countertop Do Double Duty

This wood countertop has an integrated bowl. Set down eggs as you take them out of the fridge, and they won't roll away.

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