World's Best Grandparents Build Their Grandkids the Most Magical Treehouse

Jeri Wakefield prayed she'd one day be the best grandmother possible. Looks like she's nailing it.

When many of us were kids, a treat from your grandma was likely a freshly baked cookie, a new basketball, or — shudder — a savings bond (don't worry, granny, we appreciate them now). But grandma Jeri Wakefield and her husband Steve had something a little more epic in mind for their grandchildren — a highly detailed and obsessively decorated backyard treehouse.

This isn't your run-of-mill rickety platform on a few precarious branches. The Wakefields had an architect friend design the house, ensuring its stability. Plus, it boasts lovely details like a peaked roof and a quaint layout filled with nooks and crannies. Much it is made from found objects or items sentimental to Jeri.

But that's hardly all the good stuff the grandparents had up their sleeves. There's a climbing wall for energetic little ones:

Courtesy of Houzz

A zipline for thrill-seekers (don't worry, grandpa supervises):

Courtesy of Houzz

And a footbridge up to the crow's nest. So cool!

Courtesy of Houzz

You might think that the Wakefields were gunning for first prize in a "coolest home on the block" contest, but their intentions for building the treehouse were much sweeter. In Houzz's video (watch it above), Jeri reveals a letter she wrote to herself as a teen. The end reads, "No matter what happens in my life, I pray that I can be the best grandmother possible. I want my grandchildren to have happy memories of their childhood."

Check and check, Jeri!

[via Houzz, h/t PopSugar

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