How to Block-Print Your Own Throw Pillows

We spent more time mixing our dream color than tackling this DIY.

We don't know how designers do it: With every house tour we see, we uncover unexpected custom details that make us wish we could get the look in our own homes. Maxwell Ryan's house in the Hamptons is the perfect case in point—when we saw his beautifully block-printed sofa, everyone coveted it. So we set out to try block printing on a smaller, simpler scale.

Instead of printing an entire piece of furniture, we settled on creating chic throw pillows, but you could easily adapt this technique to customize any of your linens.

How to Make a Block Print Pillow

What You'll Need:

  • Water-soluble block-printing ink
  • Paper plate or painter's palette
  • Paintbrush
  • Rubber stamps
  • Pillow


    Step 1: Pour some ink onto a plate or painter's palette.

    Step 2: Paint ink onto the stamp, so it's evenly distributed.

    Tip: Apply a lighter coat of paint for a more timeworn, vintage-inspired look.

    Step 3: Stamp onto fabric.

    Step 4: Reapply ink as often as needed.

    Step 5: Let absorb and dry for 48 hours.

      Love this design idea? See the full house tour below to get even more inspired by Maxwell Ryan's style.

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