Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Says You Should Splurge on This One Kitchen Appliance

Ordering mine on Amazon now.

Netflix's Queer Eye has become a hit seemingly overnight, but co-star and member of the Fab Five (and Taylor Swift music video star) Antoni Porowski hasn't lost sight of what's truly important in life: food, a great kitchen, and of course, coffee. Oh, okay, and great people to share it all with—that too.

Over Saecco espresso at the Langham Hotel—Antoni prefers an iced double espresso with oat milk and a biodegradable straw, to be exact—the Queer Eye star revealed exactly what would be in his ideal kitchen, the appliance everyone should splurge on (hint: It's definitely not what you'd think), and how certain kitchen items fit into his philosophy that the things you surround yourself with should have meaning behind them.

"For me, when there’s a personal story attached to it—when there’s a way that I can relate to it in like a really intimate way—I think about that every single time I use the piece," Antoni explains.

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For example, Antoni still has the water boiler he used in his college days—the $20 pot may be in rough shape, but it triggers fond memories for him every time he uses it to brew tea or boil and egg. Another fond item in the Queer Eye star's kitchen was gifted to him by one of his best friends, right before season one of the show started—and it's something he thinks everyone should have in their kitchens.

"It’s not a pricey item," Antoni says. "But one thing that I really do love, I love making fresh pasta. And I have a crank that I use for pappardelle from Phillips."

"It does everything for you," the Fab Five member says of his trusty pasta crank. "When you’re making a fresh sauce, you can make fresh pasta from scratch and a sauce in under 20 minutes with that."

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Sounds like something I need to invest in. As for his dream kitchen? Antoni doesn't have too many demands on the design—he's more interested in function.

"Massive island," were the first two words out of the Netflix star's mouth when asked what's in his ideal kitchen. "Big sink," he continued. But, he said, you'll need to make sure it's deep. "It's very important," the Fab Five member continued. "Shallow sinks I don’t really understand, because the water sprays everywhere."

Besides a huge island and a deep sink, Antoni's dream kitchen layout includes keeping his everyday appliances out on display. "Things that I use every single day I kind of like to keep exposed," he said. Among those items is his impressive collection of knives, which he's collected during different trips—he recommends keeping them displayed on a long magnetic strip, instead of losing counterspace to a giant butcher's block. Or taking up an entire drawer.

"I love to have them exposed," Antoni said. "They’re so beautiful. I remember the places I visited, get to look at them."

Queer Eye returns to Netflix for season four on July 19th.

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