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Farrow & Ball Gets the Saturday Night Live Treatment

"It's not just paint, it's Farrow & Ball."


Design lovers and comedy fans had a delightful crossover moment this weekend, when one of the skits from this week's episode of Saturday Night Live—featuring host Kristen Stewart—poked fun at everyone's favorite luxury paint brand, Farrow & Ball.

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Farrow & Ball Anthropologie

"Just look at the depth of co-LOUR," says Aidy Bryant as she defends the paint's high price tag with a hilariously put-on British accent, showing off her blue walls and cream trim like a faux British Vanna White. The show's writers clearly did their research, as Bryant references the coast of Dorset, where Farrow & Ball really does mix all of its designer-favorite colors—er, colours.

“That color on the baseboard there is Ammonite, named after the fossils on the Dorset Coast,” explains Bryant—absolutely correctly. “And the walls are Lulworth Blue, named after the swirling mists of the beautiful Lulworth Cove.”

Things quickly devolve from there, though, as it becomes clear that the character's new paint job is a thin cover for a not-so-perfect life. Watch the skit for yourself—and then, if you're feeling inspired, get some ideas for your own paint job. Trust us, Farrow & Ball's colours really are that good.

UPDATE: After SNL's hilarious skit took the internet by storm, Farrow & Ball struck back, poking fun at the parody with a full-page ad in The New York Times, touting its newest "col-our," English Roast, which boasts " subtle hints of bone-dry satire and a lingering aftertaste of charred British beef." Touché, F&B. I love my paint with a hint of British wit.

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