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the bachelorette windmill fantasy suite greece
The Bachelorette’s Windmill Fantasy Suite is Available on Airbnb For Just $56 a Night

Ok, but does Pilot Pete come with it?

Heads Up: You Could Be the Owner of Valuable Pennies Worth $200,000

BRB, emptying out my change jar.

christina anstead christina on the coast
Here's How Christina Anstead Planned Her Super Secret Wedding in Just 40 Days

With the help of her BFF Cassie, of course.

carnivorous cobra lillies
Carnivorous Cobra Lilies Will Actually Eat Pests For You

And you can buy them on Amazon.

christina anstead
Christina Anstead Reveals Exactly What Happened When She Wore THAT Pink Shirt

Four little words got people all riled up.

diane keaton home
Diane Keaton's Former Laguna Beach Cottage Was Just Listed For $4.29 Million

It's as dreamy as you'd expect.

Claude Monet Airbnb
Live Like an Artist: Rent Claude Monet’s Former Home on Airbnb

This is one way to ignite your creativity.

Oscar Mayer Wiener
You Can Now Rent the Wienermobile on Airbnb

Those are some nice buns!

Here's What Happened to The Home From The Blair Witch Project

Psst...the movie just turned 20!

costco wedding photos
A Couple Took Wedding Photos in the Costco Aisle Where They Met

They first met over the bulk mac and cheese.

marie kondo emmys
Netflix Star Marie Kondo is Now Officially an Emmy Nominee

Did someone say SPARK JOY?!

Nicole Curtis Just Became Insta-Official With Her New Boyfriend

Love is in the air.

kensington palace
12 Little-Known Facts About The Royal Residence of Kensington Palace

Royal family stans should DEFINITELY bookmark this page.

A Stranger Things Demogorgon Yard Sprinkler Exists

Perfect for days when it's hotter than Billy outside.

what are dog dna tests
People Are Going Crazy for These Doggy DNA Kits

You better act fast!

This Heat-Sensing Christmas Tree Ornament Was Designed to Save Lives

Christmas tree fires are one of the deadliest types of home fires.

christina anstead
Christina Anstead Breaks Down Her Diet and Workout Routine

She'll get in 10,000 steps...in a single workout.

christina anstead
Why Everybody's Crying During This Week's Christina on the Coast

Grab the tissues. You will be, too.

HGTV 'Rock The Block' Show - Mina Starsiak, Jasmine Roth, Leanne Ford, Alison Victoria
Here's Your First Look at HGTV's Intense Competition Show, 'Rock the Block'

It's like Brother Vs. Brother, only better.

buckingham palace
A Random Man Entered Buckingham Palace While the Queen Was Asleep

The unwelcome guest gained entry over the fence.